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Monitoring for businesses is one of PM Digital’s key competences. For years, we have been assisting businesses throughout Poland with the design, installation and administration of monitoring and alarm systems. We stand out due to our high quality workmanship and competence in IT infrastructure, which allows us to efficiently and effectively configure network-based monitoring networks.
With our Fluke meter, we perform certified measurements which provides you with up to a 50-year warranty on the completed network!

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We keep upgrading our qualifications to provide you with the highest quality services

Aleksander M. Woronow – PM Digital expert on visual surveillance systems

PM Digital’s expert is Aleksander Woronow – the only Polish-language Milestone trainer in our country, since 2013 a lecturer at the training centre of the Polish Chamber of Alarm Systems and an advisor to the PISA board.
Cooperation with the greatest and best, as well as high quality products, is your guarantee of receiving a system that meets the gold standards in the industry.


Monitoring for businesses


We are a Gold Partner of Milestone, the world’s leading provider of video management software. The expertise we have gained in this area and the many implementations of this system allow us to sincerely recommend this solution to all interested parties.
Milestone is all about independent operation, being open to implementation with different devices, free integration, LPR (number plate recognition) system, etc. If you are looking for the best monitoring solutions Milestone is your best option.

Milestone software is used by many companies and enterprises nationwide, such as: Huta Warszawa, Huta Sendzimira in Krakow, KGHM, Balice airport, Świnoujście gas port, Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa. Milestone also supports city monitoring in Katowice and Wrocław.
If you are looking for a reliable Milestone supplier that will set up your video surveillance system perfectly and on time, rely on PM Digital.

Company monitoring provided by PM Digitial is a comprehensive service – be it the installation itself, the administration of the system or the operation of the monitoring system. We offer full support and ensure trouble-free operation in all conditions, and we will tailor the infrastructure to meet your requirements.

The project includes:
☑️a thorough analysis of the customer’s requirements
☑️ specialised measurements and analysis of technical limitations
☑️ selection of equipment and monitoring technology
☑️ professional infrastructure design
☑️ project documentation

Monitoring in Warsaw – company surveillance and CCTV cameras

The CCTV cameras and alarm systems we install are based on the latest technology, and we select the most appropriate solutions in consultation with the customer. If you do not have specific requirements or you are setting up a system for the first time, it is not a problem – we will advise you which equipment to choose and which solutions will be most effective for your company. This is because we are IT specialists experienced in designing and installing complex monitoring systems. Unlike camera installers, we design and implement modern and complex systems, based on various types of customer requirements. Our offer also includes system integration and the implementation of innovative solutions that make the company’s daily work easier (setting individual parameters for the entire system according to the area or the time of day).

Here are some of the services we offer:
☑️cabling and installation of alarm systems
☑️configuration of alarm devices
☑️configuration of advanced alarm systems
☑️integration of LAN with alarm infrastructure

Why rely on PM Digital?

☑️5-year warranty on products
☑️technical support for the entire duration of the contract
☑️access to training on system operation
☑️online assistance
☑️free analyses and consultations
☑️replacement devices in case of equipment failure

CCTV cameras Warsaw – this is how we work with you when installing a monitoring system?

Every project begins with the making of a design – a visualisation presenting the area of camera coverage (the planned installation together with the camera view area).
Afterwards, we schedule a meeting with the client, during which the final version of the project is agreed, together with the price of the job. The arrangements are concluded with the signing of the installation contract.
We make sure that our activities do not interfere with the day-to-day operations of the company in question.
We have extensive experience in monitoring warehouses, logistics centres and production plants, while taking into account the company’s internal regulations. Our knowledge of the IT sector and the high level of competence of our team (server and network administrators) allow us to integrate seamlessly into the customer’s infrastructure, which makes the implementation less challenging. The cooperation is crowned with the handover of as-built documentation in accordance with ISO.

Mobile monitoring for warehouses, factories, construction sites

Truckeye is a system to be mounted on mobile trolleys, machines and all kinds of equipment that move around warehouses, factories, plantations, construction sites, etc. The undoubted advantage of this solution is the recording that can be used as evidence in the event of an accident involving a particular machine. In addition, with Truckeye we can control the process of loading or picking goods in warehouses, production processes in factories, the cultivation and harvesting of plants in plantations and monitor the quality of work on construction sites.

With many years of experience in monitoring, we can affirm that when it comes to customer complaints in a company, a hard proof is needed that the delivery was properly prepared and packed, handed over to the forwarder intact, etc. – and it the key issue. Such irrefutable proof is the video footage with an option of taking screenshots. On many occasions, the ability to prove one’s innocence can generate savings that offset the expense incurred in implementing Truckeye.

Ask a question, request a quotation

We have been trusted by dozens of clients across a range of industries, from medium-sized businesses to large corporations. Let us know how we can help your business – we’d love to talk to you. We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday.
at +48 22 357 92 28. 22 357 92 28.

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Monitoring installation in Warsaw

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