IT support for companies in Warsaw

Why choose PM Digital as your IT support provider?

☑️ We are available to you 7 days a week.

☑️ We provide a comprehensive approach to your company’s IT environment.

☑️ When it comes to IT support, we do not only “put out fires” and respond to requests in a timely manner, but first and foremost we constantly design and test solutions that streamline your company’s IT processes, improving the quality and efficiency of your work.

☑️ We meet regularly with our business partners to implement new and improved solutions.

☑️ We optimise IT costs.

☑️ We contribute frequently to company and business board meetings as an advisory body on IT issues.

☑️ We are your IT trouble-shooter and solution provider, fulfilling both helpdesk, administration and IT management tasks.

Comprehensive IT services for businesses

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We prepare customised quotations for customers who are looking for outsourced IT support services. We strive to provide you with the most competitive prices while ensuring the highest quality of the service offered.
The individual price depends on a number of factors - some of the most important are:
☑️The number of locations,
☑️The number of computer workstations,
☑️The number of users,
☑️The number of servers.

Our clients

Our IT support covers

☑️ solving ongoing issues concerning PCs,
☑️ eripherals, networks and software
☑️ IT consulting for employees
☑️ network administration, including data set access management
☑️ providing data security in the company's computer repositories
☑️ implementation and maintenance of database backup policy
☑️ assignment and withdrawal of rights to data sets
☑️ supervising passwords to data processing IT systems
☑️ analysing requirements for IT infrastructure, software and hardware
☑️ supervising the correct work of the IT network, Internet access, network security, and work-related applications
☑️ substantive and technical support, including servicing and solving software problems
☑️ support in case of key systems failure which disrupt work on Saturdays and Sundays; such tasks are given the highest priority and are completed as quickly as possible.

IT support for companies in Warsaw and its vicinity

Our team provides comprehensive service and work continuity. We have been in business for 12 years and during this time we have gained extensive experience, across many IT areas. One thing we have learnt is that the market is rapidly changing and poses new challenges in no time. We focus on responding to them every day, delivering even better solutions, getting better and better at helping our clients.