Microsoft Office 365 implementation and migration

Microsoft Office: installation and start-up support

Microsoft 365 for Business is a platform that simplifies work, increases cyber security, optimises costs and enables remote work from anywhere in the world. At its core, it is a tool that allows for effective teamwork and advanced communication.
The PM-Digital team is ready to support your company and develop an optimal and cost-effective choice of services that will benefit your business, as well as create a migration plan to Microsoft Office 365 and implement it without complications.

Migrating mail and domain to Office 365 – Microsoft Office 365 administration

We also offer a cloud administration service, configuring mail settings, permissions and archives, and we will keep an eye on the correct functioning of the service and its use in a way that is safe for the company. As specialists and long-term practitioners, we realise that every migration is different and an individual approach should be taken to each company, which is why we divide our work into stages:
☑️ Customer infrastructure analysis
☑️ Developing an implementation plan/schedule for the solution
☑️ Migration to Microsoft 365
☑️ Training and post-implementation consulting

Microsoft Azure cloud – implementation, migration and administration

The Azure cloud platform already offers more than 200 cloud products and services, which allows you to easily create new solutions for your business. Owing to cloud computing, your organisation can optimise costs, increase the efficiency and flexibility of its operations, and improve the performance of applications and services.
Microsoft Azure was created and is constantly being developed with business in mind. Among other things, it allows you to: run virtual machines, create backups or use software without the need for physical hardware such as servers and the costs associated with maintaining them.

What are the benefits of implementing Azure in your business?
☑️Cost optimisation – you only pay for the actual use of the services, without having to pay even a registration fee.
☑️Applications and software in the cloud – you can run any operating system, data stores, virtual machines or development environments – a wide range of possibilities.
☑️Security- Azure has high security requirements, but also offers backup.
☑️Accessibility – Azure services can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, allowing for secure and efficient remote and hybrid work.

Who is Microsoft Azure cloud addressed to?


It is a solution that will work for any company, regardless of size, as the multitude of services it offers can be tailored to any industry and business objective. Sample applications:
☑️ Cloud for accountancy offices and accounting departments
European-based centres are subject to EU regulations and are therefore compliant with GDPR. In addition, Azure is geared towards secure data storage, which will be safe even in the event of a hardware failure in the office. The data used in accounting belong to sensitive, key data in every company, which is why the system’s backups offered by the solution, are integral to its operation. With Azure, the accounting software will be installed in the cloud and accessible instantly from anywhere.
☑️Cloud for industry
Azure has a wide range of applications for industry, but one of the most interesting examples is the ability to move infrastructure and applications such as HRM and CRM or software to the cloud which allows for optimised costs and increased efficiency. Furthermore, Azure offers integration with IOT (Internet of Things), which is increasingly used in industries. Another important aspect is the billing method, which is based on actual usage which allows to generate considerable savings e.g. by increasing the capacity for periods of high demand and reducing it at times of downtime.
☑️Cloud computing is also an ideal tool for writing, testing and hosting applications. PM Digital will carefully plan your company’s Microsoft Azure deployment, and perform the cloud migrations in a smooth and non-disruptive way for your current workflow.

Active Directory Azure – implementation

Azure AD is a cloud-based service for access and identity management.
The service is designed for three user groups:
☑️ IT administrators

☑️ Application developers
☑️ Subscribers to Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure or Dynamics CRM Online products.

Sample features of Azure AD
☑️ Device management (how to access corporate data).
☑️ Application management.
☑️ Authentication (e.g. password reset, two-factor authentication, smart lock).

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Microsoft Office: installation and start-up support