Vanderbilt Alarm Systems

Siemens (Vanderbilt) alarm systems and access control

PM Digital is an authorised distributor of Vanderbilt solutions in Poland. These globally proven alarm and access control solutions are created by Siemens. Vanderbilt products have been in high demand for over 30 years and are present in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Vanderbilt stands for reliable quality and a range of equipment perfected by Siemens Security Products. The range includes SPC control panels, alarm detectors, SPC alarms and ACT365 cloud access controls.

Siemens access control

Vanderbilt alarm systems are ideal solutions for customers who are looking for the highest quality products and reliable performance. They are perfect for sectors such as industry, power generation, urban infrastructure, healthcare, finance or IT.

Vanderbilt distributor Poland – Siemens alarm and access control

– Vanderbilt are branded solutions with quality and years of improvement standing behind them, owing to which they are able to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. PM Digital, having for years supported its customers in enhancing the security of their companies, businesses and individual projects while expecting a professional approach to security issues, continuously improves its offer and chooses reliable and proven products such as Vanderbilt. Combined with our experience, they let us provide high quality service,” – says Michał Giziński, Vice-President of PM Digital.
It is also worth noting that Vanderbilt products are not dedicated to a particular market, they are not assigned regionally and are not bound by, for example, language. In the result, they can be installed and used virtually anywhere in the world. It is an important feature of the products which not only allows international companies to have a uniform security policy, but also ensures the availability and integrity of the products regardless of their origin’ or the location of installation.

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