IT network for businesses

IT networks in Warsaw

Business network solutions provided by PM Digital are a comprehensive service, including both the actual design as well as the structure, assembly, potential roll-out and administration in line with the client’s requirements and expectations. We provide all available network categories. With our Fluke meter we are able to perform certified measurements with a 50-year guarantee for the network made!

Are you interested in checking your network capacity and the correctness of its operation yourself? We also run a Fluke meter rental service on individual terms. If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact us by phone at +48 22 357 92 28. contact us by phone at +48 22 357 92 28.


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Network design


Installation and configuration

Administration and support

Administration and support

Network design

The most important thing in designing computer networks is security; every installation at a client’s site requires the right infrastructure so that the network is reliable, fast and fully secure.

The project covers:

☑️a thorough analysis of the customer’s requirements

☑️specialised measurements and analysis of technical constraints

☑️selection of network devices and technologies

☑️professional computer network design

☑️project documentation

When designing a computer network, it is necessary to choose the right wiring and cabling category, and to indicate the technical parameters of the cabling that will eliminate the cheapest manufacturers. It is important to provide in the design the right number of subscriber outlets to correspond to the number of workstations and network printers. Voip telephones should also be kept in mind. Finally, we advise that the selected cabling installer is certified by the manufacturer of the product. The system should include only components made by the cabling manufacturer, hereby ensuring a guarantee of several decades on the installation provided measurements are taken.

LAN design in Warsaw

The computer networks we install are made in both wired and wireless technologies. We have our own installation and maintenance team to ensure professional network installation and administration services.

IT network service elements:

☑️cabling and installation of passive components (UPS, equipment cabinets, network sockets, trunking/wire covers);

☑️configuration of network devices (routers, switches, network cards, hotspots);

☑️server configuration and implementation of network services (firewall, WWW, e-mail, FTP, etc.) with Windows and Linux systems;

☑️integration of LAN with other network infrastructure (telephone, WAN, etc.).

IT network for businesses

Once the ICT infrastructure is made and implemented, we provide professional maintenance and administration of your network. A well-installed and administered computer network allows for trouble-free operation even under heavy load. In the event of a network failure, please contact us by telephone, we will rectify the fault within a maximum of 24 hours after the recorded request.

The service covers:

☑️adding new functionalities and network services;

☑️updating software and firmware on network devices;

☑️securing the network against hazards such as viruses, trojans and attacks from the Internet;

☑️making regular security copies;

☑️comprehensive support.

Your IT network in Warsaw

PM Digital also offers to configure your corporate network when your business relocates. We offer this service in response to the increasingly frequent enquiries from clients whose businesses have moved. It turns out that the change of office is accompanied by a number of issues and bottlenecks that make work impossible without a quick assessment and sorting out of the entire infrastructure. Clients often rent new space without first checking the infrastructure, PC sockets, wifi and available cables. As a result, for example, some of the staff cannot use wifi because they are exchanging large amounts of data, and this affects work stability. There is no internet in the sockets, and often there are simply too few of them, with bare cables sticking out of the walls without any fittings. How to deal with such a situation?

LAN measurements

On receipt of such a request, PM Digital specialists arrive on site to determine the client’s requirements and take stock of the new office, checking all active equipment. A quote is then prepared for a comprehensive service, which includes the delivery of the necessary equipment, its configuration and launch. The whole process takes a few days at most, depending on the size of the office and the client’s readiness to implement the changes.

Repairing and auditing a company’s IT network
How to improve your computer network?

Fixing a company’s computer network is a subject that our new customers are increasingly addressing as they struggle with network disruption and other inexplicable problems. How can we help in such a situation? There are two possible routes to reviewing and repairing a company’s computer network – either there is defective cabling, in which case measurements and replacement of the faulty cable or track are required, or there is a misalignment of network equipment parameters. In the latter case, a configuration check of the network devices is required. What does the process look like when working with PM Digital? We start the repair of a computer network by taking an interview and gathering information about the issues found. In the case of cabling problems, we perform certified measurements, and if our activities indicate hardware and configuration problems, a network administrator joins the work and reconfigures the entire infrastructure.

Ask a question, request a quotation

For questions or queries, please submit a request via the form or give us a call. We are at your disposal Monday through Friday at +48 22 357 92 28. 22 357 92 28.

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