Access control systems

Access control systems, Warsaw

“measures designed to ensure that only authorised entities have access to resources.”

This is a simple but to the point definition of access control. However, it can still be made more specific by extracting its objective: to identify the entity that seeks access to a secured location through the use of interoperable devices. In other words, you are able to control exactly who enters a location and when. It is worth noting that this service ensures the physical access control and not the control of access to the virtual world, e.g. logging into a computer or network, although its is apparent that both control types have a similar primary objective i.e. increased security. 

Benefits of access control:

☑️Enhancing the safety of people in the facility.
☑️Increased security of property including infrastructure and data.
☑️Improved efficiency of business processes.

☑️Access to information on the number of people in case of emergency escape.
☑️Cost optimisation (reduction of expenditure on physical security).
☑️Increased staff discipline and motivation.
☑️Easier facility or building management.

Alarms and access control in Warsaw

Access control systems are most commonly used in places such as hotels, schools, residential areas, car parks, industrial and research facilities, to name a few. However, the increase in digitalisation and technological development in the country has also allowed for transformations in security. Access control is increasingly making its way into the SME sector, but is also being keenly used in private properties.

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Access control systems, Warsaw