Soon the end of free corporate email from Google – meet the alternative

Bussiness 24/01/2022

According to Google, as of July 1 this year. The free version of Google Suite, the mail app for businesses, will be phased out. Starting in July, users who have so far used the free version will have to purchase a Google Workspace subscription to continue using the giant’s solutions.

Corporate mail is another piece of Google’s service pie that we will soon have to pay for. At the moment, the cost of the business starter package for a single user is a price of 23 zloty. For large companies, Google Workspace can therefore prove to be a considerable expense. Is there an alternative? Of course. One of them is we-work, a professional work platform for companies and enterprises from PM Digital. At a lower price than at the Mountain View giant, you get not only corporate email, but also a range of work tools, such as notes, whiteboard, cloud and messenger. Importantly, we-work guarantees data security thanks to the location of servers in Poland and regular data back-up. In case of problems, you get instant help and have the opportunity to talk to us both by phone and email. There is no denying that these are key advantages over Google’s solutions.

The business we-work package from as little as £75 per month for 5 users allows the team to work freely. In this package, you have 250 GB of disk space and an unlimited transfer package. Thus, at a price lower than Google’s, you get not only corporate email, but access to an entire platform that facilitates and optimizes corporate processes.

We encourage you to read the detailed offer and contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions: Explore we-work – click here